Universal Enterprises came into being in 2002 with a vision to provide quality natural & wellness products and paper products to the market. Today we are a consortium serving different business areas including Small Events, Print & Publications, Paper/Packaging, Natural & Wellness products & services, Architectural Solutions and Consulting solutions in the field of IT.

Patronage :
A portion of proceeds from all our business ventures is routed through our associated NGO trusts towards some social objectives and fulfillment of social responsibility. Our Natural & Wellness line of products, are prepared in a cottage industry where jobs are provided to needy rural women.

By purchasing our products, you are lending a helping hand towards alleviating the pain of the needy & poor and propagation of Agnihotra, Ayurveda and other ancient Vedic principles. Your patronage is helping us in our endeavor to create a better world.

Agnihotra is a Vedic message for purification through the agency of element 'Fire'. At precisely
local sunrise & sunset timings, two pinch-full uncooked rice grains smeared with few drops of cow's ghee are offered into a specially prepared Fire. The Fire is prepared in a semi pyramid shaped copper-vessel. While offering the two portions into the Fire, two simple Vedic mantras are chanted...
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